BigBadBoat [B3] is a website devoted to the news, sights, sounds and stories from the world of offshore performance boating.  Not only is it a source of information on offshore powerboat racing, poker runs and offshore-related news, it's also a comprehensive lifestyle resource, touching on all aspects of the boating-watersports-beach lifestyle. As a result, we also include information on popular waterfront destinations, tiki bars, marinas and other popular locales, as well as related topics like clothing, drinks, music and much more. If you like big fast boats, being around the water and the good times that follow, then BigBadBoat is a great place to be.

We know there are other performance boating sites out there, and they all serve a purpose. Some are extensions of printed magazines, some are news aggregators and media sites, and many are public forums, where news, opinions and information are exchanged. Our goal is not to compete with these sites, but to complement them...and offer something a little different.

One of our primary missions is to reach out to those who are new to performance boating, who are casually interested in the sport, or who just enjoy the sights and sounds of life near the water. We don't assume our audience knows all the ins-and-outs of offshore boating, its storied history, or that they even own a boat. They just have to dig high performance boats and the lifestyle that goes along with having fun on the water. All they need is an open mind, a good attitude, and a willingness to learn and let us know what they want to hear about.

We all know the offshore crowd is a hard-driving, active and often opinionated bunch. That's pretty clear from reading any of the forums, which are vitally important to the growth and sustenance of the sport. And that's why we look to push our readers to find a forum home of their own [like we did] rather than trying to run one here.  That allows this site to avoid some of the personal disagreements and political arguments that frankly, turn a lot of people off and may reflect poorly on our sponsors and advertisers. We try to do what we do best, and let everyone else do the same.

That said, we do encourage our readers to comment on stories and posts if they like, and we are always looking for suggestions and content from our readers. We have some ideas about building the [B3] community as we grow, but that won't include a forum. One of our biggest focuses includes our companion Twitter [B3] site - but more on that later.

We look a little different from most of the other offshore and boating sites ...and that's how we like it. We'll admit it - we're relatively new to performance boating - but while that has presented us with some challenges, it also allows us to have a fresh perspective on things. We hold no grudges, have no axes to grind, we have no pre-conceived notions of who or what is right or wrong. We call things as we see them, and we're always ready to try or support "something new."  We understand the importance of unity and building consensus - but we're also not into the "pack" mentality.

You'll find that we're on top of our game from a technology perspective, too. That's why we're a top Twitter presence when it comes to performance boating. [B3] is available for iPhones and other mobile devices with a specially-designed mobile site...and you can subscribe to us on Amazon Kindle. We're working hard to reach out to EVERYONE. That's how to grow the sport.

Right now, we're primarily a team of One - directed by Mark Schweitzer, a former ad agency Creative Director, VP of Marketing and Public Relations, Ad writer and producer, and of course - performance boating enthusiast.  With over 25 years of experience in creative marketing , advertising, writing and journalism, he directs the content development at [B3] and coordinates the collection of news, information and images that make the site possible.

In addition, [B3] relies on a growing list of contributors and content partners, who provide photography, editorial advice and lifestyle contributions. We are continually reaching out to a growing network of industry professionals and boating enthusiasts who are helping us get the word out about responsible fun on the water.



Though we might joke about it from time to time, there is no avoiding the fact that Offshore Performance Boating involves powerful boats, with high-performance engines, often operating at speed. Though the sport's culture may appear upon occasion to revolve around the use of alcohol, enjoyment of loud music and other rakish pastimes, boat owners and operators are unanimously of the opinion that drinking and operating a boat should not be attempted at the same time.

Indeed, all organized events have strict prohibitions against such activity, and the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages is limited to post-event activities, after the boats are tied up to the dock for the evening. As a group, we are not perfect, but we want the public to know that among responsible boaters, blatant irresponsibility is always frowned upon.

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Big Bad Boat Twitter page is a major part of our web presence and plays an important role in our marketing. In fact, [B3] OWNS the high-performance boating segment on Twitter. With over 1900 followers - most of whom are really boaters or interested in the lifestyle, we have 4 to 6 times as many followers as major national boating magazines and offshore racing series accounts.

This strong focus has allowed us to build a robust network of followers and friends on other boating -related sites and companies, not only in the US, but across the globe. We feel this "Big Picture" approach will help us build the audience for offshore performance boating in a major way, and help promote interest in the sport and the lifestyle.



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