BigBadBoat [B3] is fast-becoming a solid web resource for performance boating enthusiasts, as well as people who are seriously into the watersports/beach/tiki bar lifestyle. This makes us attractive to a wider audience, and our content is totally geared toward bringing more people into our sport.

In just a few short months, we have been able to attract several hundred unique visitors per week, and that growth is increasing*. Our most recent HubSpot™ Website Grader Score of 60 continues to show improvement, and that report also shows that Big Bad Boat has:

An Alexa [online measuring service] Rank that puts it in the top 15.9% of all websites.

A Technorati Blog Ranking that puts it in the top 2.32% of blogs tracked by Technorati, the web's most popular and respected blog directory.

The latest versions of these reports are available upon request.

Our performance boating audience has money to spend, even in a down economy - whether it's for boats, performance equipment, entertainment, travel accommodations, and of course, food & drink. A large percentage are independent business owners or successful executives, for whom boating is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.

Our more "casual" audience spans a wide range of interests and economic circumstances.  Many are high-income individuals, who travel frequently, or who can afford a property on or near the water. Others are lifestyle-oriented, interested in exciting activities and nightlife, exotic locations, water sports in general, and having a good time. Still others are interested in extreme sports, racing, adventure travel and other related activities. Wherever they are and whatever they are into, B3's Web site and Twitter site are focused on seeking them out, bringing them together and getting them "into" performance boating.


Sponsoring [B3] not only puts you in front of a great, targeted audience that's ready to find out about your product or service, it also helps support the stated goal of our site:

To grow and sustain the sport, to disseminate positive information about the performance boating industry, to generate interest and awareness about performance boats, and to support and promote offshore racing and the industry in general.

Big Bad Boat offers a few different opportunities that make sense to advertisers, large, small and in-between. They are easy to set up and best of all - extremely affordable.  To make it even easier, we will even create you banner ad for free - all you need to do is supply us with a clean copy of your logo and any specific text or info you would like to appear in your ad banner.  Payment is quick and easy - using PayPal.

To order, just email us and let us know what you want, send your logo and any other info, and we'll tell you how to send the payment through PayPal. Your ad should appear within two business days.  AD SPACE IS LIMITED - BASED ON AVAILABLE SUPPLY.

Trade proposals will also be considered - contact us for information.


We offer two different levels of site sponsorships.

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Our Twitter page has by far the largest following of any high-performance boat account on Twitter.***  We can put our social marketing savvy to work for you by "tweeting" (posting) about your product in 140 characters or less - at least 2 times per week. Posts can include links as well.

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BIG BAD BOAT  is updated more frequently - almost every day.  Most other performance boating sites are updated once a week - or maybe a couple of times a month. That's not enough to keep people coming back frequently.

BIG BAD BOAT  gets strong traffic from many new and unique visitors.  Some forums may have more "hits" and traffic - but 75% of that traffic represents the same couple hundred-or-so "hardcore" members...you're advertising to the same people, over and over again.

BIG BAD BOAT  has a broad appeal, going beyond offshore news and race results  to include a wider focus on lifestyle information, technology, relevant entertainment news, travel destinations and other interesting topics. It's how we "hook" new people.

BIG BAD BOAT  has a worldwide focus - of course, we're based in the USA, but exciting things are happening in performance boating all across the world. With today's technology and the Internet, there's no excuse for not bringing EVERYONE together to grow the sport. You can see the difference in our content and our tone. Plus, we can be easily translated into 15 LANGUAGES - that's they key to maximizing an audience!

BIG BAD BOAT  is built to get good results on Google search indexes  - even in just a few months, we've been able to increase our traffic significantly through improved SEO techniques and relentless posting.  That will benefit both of us in the long run.

BIG BAD BOAT  looks different than most boating sites - as you've noticed by now. No blue and aqua stripey-zig-zaggy flourishes. No tired looking designs or "seen it before" graphics. It's time for something fresh and new - something that appeals to young people and stands out from the crowd.

BIG BAD BOAT gives you more  - through our associated Twitter Page, you get more reach, and benefit from B3's constant, daily presence on this worldwide social network. We post about the sport, about our site, and we can post about you, too. We engage people inside and outside of the boating industry to get the word out about this great sport.



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If you need to send us something,
contact us via email first and we
will send you the street address
information. Same with phone
contact info, which we can provide
upon request.



  * Based on Lijit Weekly stats for May-June, 2009

** Based on HubSpot Grader Report - June 29, 2009

*** Based on comparisons with similar sites - June, 2009


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